• Networking / Pop-Up Café

    Join us for a pop-up café every week with different food vendors that will serve the most delicious savory and sweet snacks. This will take place every Monday, Tuesday, and...
    Pop-Up Café
  • Networking / Kaffeinated

    This event brings together the coffee culture in Qatar.
  • Class / Masterclass: Judgement in Strategic Decisions

    Making strategic decisions is one of the key roles of a senior executive. But what do we really know about how to make these decisions? Decision theory and behavioral sciences...
    Masterclass: Judgement in Strategic Decisions
  • Symposium / Jabir Ibn Hayyan Between the East and the West

    Jabir Ibn Hayyan was a Muslim polymath, who left behind works covering a variety of subjects such as chemistry, medical sciences, astronomy, astrology, geography, alchemy, philosophy, and pharmacy. Known as...
    Jabir Ibn Hayyan Between the East and the West
  • Workshop / Career Advisor Training Course

    Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), has opened registration for the fifth edition of its Career Advisor Training Course (CATC). The initiative aims to provide...
    Career Advisor Training Course
  • Networking / Education City International Night

    Weill Cornell Medicine–Qatar and Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar join forces this year to present Education City’s best international night. The event will be held in collaboration between the two...
    Education City International Night