Past event

Becoming Global Souls: Teaching About Curiosity

Thursday May 11 2017 Education City Student Center, Al Huqoul St, Doha, Qatar

Being “global souls”—seeing ourselves as members of a world community, knowing that we share the future with others—requires powerful forms of intercultural competence. Education City in itself reflects a world community, populated by potential global souls. Recent research has suggested that the key variable in developing intercultural competence is curiosity about cultural differences.

As educators in global institutions, we are frequently asked to prepare others for competent interaction across cultures, perhaps to think as “global souls.” This discussion will explore the centrality of curiosity in our work, suggesting activities and approaches for programs, as well as supplying you with a curiosity toolkit of exercises and course assignments designed to develop curiosity in your classroom.

This seminar will examine the following questions: • What exactly is curiosity? • How does curiosity enhance intercultural experience? • What methods and approaches are useful for teaching curiosity? • How can we be respectfully curious? • What does this mean for our work here?


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