Past event

Current Perspectives 2017: Navigating Race, Gender, Class, and Nationality

Tuesday May 9 2017 Education City Student Center, Al Huqoul St, Doha, Qatar

Where are we in 2017? What does it mean to live, work, teach, and create in such uncertain, contested, and polarizing times? Racial tension, xenophobia, ethnic nationalism, misogyny, and economic disparity are not only on the rise; they are increasingly valorized and normalized in many regions of the world. How, then, do we navigate the fault lines, assaults, and opportunities for solidarity across racial, gendered, class and nation-based differences?

This workshop is designed for faculty, trainers, and others interested in grappling critically and compassionately with the challenges of our times. Participants will gain an opportunity to understand the underlying intercultural dynamics at play, reflect on our roles in classrooms, on campuses and in communities, and develop strategies to step forward in ways that encourage empathy over indifference, imagine solutions instead of obstacles and seek to humanize rather than denigrate.


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