Past event

The Intercultural Classroom

Tuesday 9 May – Wednesday 10 May 2017 Education City Student Center, Al Huqoul St, Doha, Qatar

The climate and context for intercultural learning have changed dramatically in the past few years. No longer can we enter classrooms confident that our participants will share our worldview, our cultural norms, or even our own language.

Intercultural education has become infinitely complex—and intriguing. On campuses such as Education City, the mix of Eastern and Western sensibilities brings different languages, worldviews, and strong beliefs that can either provide learning opportunities or stimulate frustration. Core to facilitating such globally diverse audiences is our capacity to assess their developmental readiness, and to select methods to intentionally increase intercultural competence.

In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to develop a working understanding of intercultural competence, identify culturally influenced styles that impact learning, develop a teaching toolkit, and resolve vexing teaching challenges you have faced.


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