Past event

The Promise of Hybrid Dispute Resolution Fora

Sunday 18 November 2018 – Monday 19 November 2018, 08.30PM – 05.00PM College of Islamic Studies, Education City, Ar-Rayyan, Qatar

Countries in the Gulf region and beyond have established “international” courts, primarily to deal with commercial law matters. These are hybrid courts; they are domestic, but English is used as the default language of proceedings, and their bench is composed of judges from different countries around the world.

The conference will discuss the rationale behind the creation of domestic “international” courts, and analyze the relationship between these new fora and more established forms of dispute resolution (such as ordinary domestic courts, arbitration, and mediation). The nature, purpose, applicable law, enforcement of judgments of the courts, and the interplay among these diverse dispute resolution fora raise novel legal questions that remain unresolved.


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