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Reflections: Noor Al-Emadi from VCUarts Qatar

It’s graduation season! To honor our #Classof2019, we asked them to reflect on the last four years and the impact their experiences have had on them. Here’s Noor Al-Emadi’s story:

Growing up in Qatar at the time that I did exposed me to inspiring women who were making great strides in education and research; namely amongst them was Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser and her vision for Qatar Foundation and Education City. That vision paved a way for me to delve deep into my own passion for design and innovation.

Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar was the first university founded in Education City and its legacy continues to grow. The vibrant community, world-class faculty, and amazing facilities all came together to give me an unforgettable experience.

I owe a huge portion of my growth to my out-of-classroom experiences, though. I was a member of the Student Government Association and, within that role, I had to work within a large team to ensure our students’ voices were heard and their concerns addressed. Working so closely with such strong independent colleagues helped me become the same. Before VCUarts Qatar, I would have a hard time talking in front of a large group and I would shy away from the spotlight or any leadership roles. I am no longer that person.

I see many of my fellow students approach university purely through an academic lens; they attend their classes and leave straight afterwards. My advice to those people is: stay, participate, contribute. In my opinion, a student’s learning and growth happens in so many different places and the classroom is just one. As Rams, we all need to contribute in our community and take in the many opportunities offered to us. Not only do they help us on an individual level, but they also play a vital role in forming strong friendships.

As I get ready to graduate now, I am empowered by all these experiences. As a graphic designer, I am ready to continue learning, growing, and contributing to a community outside the one I have been part of at VCUarts Qatar. I see great wonders for my country, Qatar, as it embraces such creative fields within its workforce.